The Magic of Mathematics – Class 4

Age Range:

9+ years

Books with advanced curriculum and ‘SLATO APP’ use QR-linked videos for engaging smart learning

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1. Discover easy-to-follow explanations of mathematics concepts and gain practical tips to boost your confidence.

2. Dive into the world of maths with a book available in both Bengali and English, catering to different learning preferences.

3. Grasp complex ideas through engaging animated and teaching videos that clarify doubts and provide a visual learning experience.

Sample Videos

Table of Contents

সংখ্যা (Numbers)

যোগ ও বিয়োগ (Addition and Subtraction)

গুণ (Multiplication)

ভাগ (Division)

গুণিতক ও গুণনীয়ক (Multiples and Factors)

গ.সা.গু এবং ল.সা.গু (HCF and LCM)

ভগ্নাংশ (Fractions)

পরিমাপ (Measurement)

পরিসীমা ও ক্ষেত্রফল (Perimeter and Area)

সময় (Time)

আকার, প্রতিসাম্য এবং ছন্দ (Shapes, Symmetry and Patterns)

জ্যামিতি (Geometry)

তথ্যপ্রক্রিয়াকরণ (Data Handling)


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