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Welcome to Krishworks’ fun and interactive learning space. We believe in a holistic approach to education. Join us to change the face of dull and boring textbook-based learning.

What we can do?

We currently provide three different programs for schools, parents, and students appearing for board exams. In the school program, we digitize the school and offer teacher training. We digitize the school and provide teacher training as part of the school program. Through the parent program, parents can purchase books and provide their child with interesting and engaging self-study assistance. Students appearing for the Board exam can enroll in practice exams in the Student program. Click on the program that best fits your needs to learn more.

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We can help you digitize your school and integrate activity-based learning into your curriculum. Along with the holistic development of students, we also provide teacher training.

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Our main objective is to improve the quality of rural education. In our journey towards execution, we have engaged ourselves with extensive research and groundwork to design and develop customized pedagogy and curriculum for each village school. In this video, our handcrafted books with QR codes, integrated with a web and mobile application having local language support are being printed.

Our field team demonstrated our digital school program to the teachers and the management of Dipayan Pathsala, Dadpur, Rejinagar, Murshidabad, the biggest school in the historic village of WB. Considering the limitless benefits of the program, the school decided to incorporate the books and the software app in their syllabus, whereupon, the books were delivered.


We can help your child self-study and self-assess with interactive activities, videos, and quizzes. You can build a healthy learning environment for your child with our assistance.

Our Field team organized a meeting for parents at Palsunda Adarsha Shishu Shiksha Niketan, Palsunda, Nadia to explain the Slato app installation and registration process. A demonstration of the benefits of the digital program was also provided. Seeing parents, especially mothers scanning the QR codes and registering was heartwarming. A huge gathering of parents was witnessed.

Teachers cross unachievable boundaries to deliver their best to the students. We wholeheartedly appreciate a teacher’s selfless efforts. Ms. Sukrunnesa Khatun, Nasrin Khatun, Manisha Mondal and Sarifunessa Khatun of Palashipara Adarsha Shishu Niketan, Palashipara, Nadia were awarded Teacher of the Month for their selfless service.

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We can help your child self-study and self-assess with interactive activities, videos, and quizzes. You can build a healthy learning environment for your child with our assistance.

Benefits of joining our venture

Fun, Activity-based learning

The curriculum for the school and parent program is created with movies, tests, puzzles, and other interactive learning tools. Activities are planned into the lessons to develop students’ creative abilities and aid in self-evaluation.

Digital School with Teacher Training

Schools that sign up with us have access to learning that is infused with technology and well-designed study materials. Along with certification, the teachers receive training on how to utilize Slato and regularly participate in lessons and activities.

Affordable learning

We offer inexpensive packages where videos and activities are accessible at only the cost of the QR-coded books, with no additional subscription fees. For students, mock tests are also offered at a low cost along with other advantages.

Carefully curated material

Both QR-coded books and mock test material are the results of in-depth study and research. Our team of experts has carefully curated the content to achieve the best results.

Who are we?

We are an EdTech company that was founded with the intention of improving the state of education in our nation. We firmly believe that combining technology and education will provide encouragingly fruitful outcomes. We began as a tiny team in 2017 and today, with more than 1 lakh subscribers, we are proud and happy with what we’ve accomplished. We intend to continue on until we reach every part of the country.

Why choose us?

We are driven by a good cause

Our main objective is to provide high-quality education to the rural and semi-urban areas of our country.

We have a strong record of success

We started off as a small team in 2017, but we’ve grown steadily and now have more than 1 lakh subscribers.

We are a goal-oriented team

We are a committed group of people who go above and beyond to accomplish the set goal.

We are Transparent communicators

We not only offer digital education programs but also provide guidance and advice on a variety of relevant aspects.


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