Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Eligible for students appearing for 10th/ Madhyamik.
  2. Question Paper will be in Bengali, following WB Board.
  1. Get yourself evaluated, practice and prepare for the actual exams by undertaking a mock Exam.
  2. Analyse your strengths and key areas of improvement
  3. Assess your understanding of basic concepts.
  4. Benchmark yourself against other students at the state Level.
  5. Understand the gaps in your preparation for board exams and take corrective actions.
  6. Get your scorecard showing your Percentile, Subject-wise Analysis, and Subject-wise improvement points.
  7. This is an MCQ type test for Madhyamik appearing students to practice and prepare themselves in advance. The question paper pattern is exactly like a Board Exam Paper. The question paper is crafted out of handpicked conceptual questions and is prepared by previous year toppers.
  8. State level rank
  1. The registration fee for Silver Plan is Rs 97/-
  1. The exam will be conducted in Bengali Language Only

  1. Mathematics: 16th October, 2020. 11:45 AM – 3
  3. PM Physical Science: 17th October, 2020. 11:45 AM – 3 PM 
  5. Life Science: 18th October, 2020. 11:45 AM – 3 PM 

  1. The exam will be conducted using SLATO APP and should be taken from home. The question paper for SILVER PLAN will be in the form of MCQ only. But candidates will also have to submit the answer sheets showing the calculations, steps and rough work to achieve the answer for each question, via whatsapp.
  3. Submission of answer sheets showing calculations, steps, and rough work is mandatory. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. 
  1. Clearly take pictures of each answer sheet, and submit them via WhatsApp. At the end of the exam, a submission screen will automatically open with a WhatsApp button. Clicking on the WhatsApp button will take you to WhatsApp and open a chat window with the number where the sheets are to be sent. Please ensure WhatsApp is installed on the device. 
  2. The 1st page of the answer sheet should clearly mention Name, School, Phone Number and Enrollment ID. Every subsequent page should clearly mention the page number, Name and Enrollment ID on every page. 
  3. Candidates have to mention their name, and Enrollment ID in WhatsApp as well. 
  4. Failure to follow any of the submission guidelines will result in disqualification. 
  1. Cash Scholarship will only be credited to the bank account of the candidate. In case of a minor the immediate guardian of the candidate can receive the scholarship. But necessary relationship documents need to be provided to receive the scholarship. Candidates must provide a cancelled cheque of the bank account where scholarship cash will be credited.  Cheque details can be provided later during result declaration.

  2. Rank 1 – Cash Scholarship of Rs 5,000/-

  3. Next 5 rank holders to get cash scholarships of Rs 1,000/- each. 

  4. Only students of Class 10th are eligible for scholarships. A student’s valid school ID card, and Aadhaar card will be required for verification.

  5.  A candidate’s name and details might be used for result declaration in public.

  6.  Winners testimonials will be collected before prize distribution. 

  7. Minimum 50% of the marks to be achieved for scholarship eligibility. 

  8. In all scenarios ,the decision of Slato is final with regards to qualification of candidates as winners and subsequent Scholarship Disbursement.

  9. Krishworks (Slato) employees/interns direct or indirect family or acquaintances will not be eligible for scholarships. 

  1. If Slato, by any means feels that the candidates have resorted to any kind of malpractice or have taken inappropriate measures to attain greater marks in the exams, then in that case, Slato will have the right to unilaterally disqualify the candidature. In such a case the rank or result will also not be published.
  1. Entire syllabus of class 10th West Bengal Board.

  1. Step 1: Register yourself for the exam. Click here to register

    Step 2: Download and install the Slato app from playstore. Go to

  2. A video on the same can be watched here

  1. The exam can be taken on any mobile phone with the latest Slato app from the Play Store installed. Please check the Play Store for any app update before taking the exam. Kindly check your mobile phone to ensure you have a good internet connection and full battery before taking the exam. The exam will be of 3 hours, and the mobile screen will be continuously on for 3 hours. So, ensure full battery charge, to get a hassle free testing experience. 

  2. Pictures of answer sheets are to be sent through WhatsApp. You have to ensure that WhatsApp is installed on the device. No other form of submission will be accepted.
  1. Yes. All eligible students, even SLATO’S students, can appear for the exam. The student has to register for the exam through app, website, or by calling our support numbers. The scholarship can be availed only after paying for the Registration fees.

  1. No, the exam can’t be rescheduled.

  1. Results will be notified at a later date through WhatsApp/Email/SMS/App notification mediums. 

  1. Do not switch OFF the device (the test will end).
  2. You have to ensure that your device’s memory and storage are sufficient, battery is charged, and the internet is functioning well, before the test starts.
  3. Don’t use a calculator.
  1. You can call or send whatsapp messages to +91-999-111-9428 for any kind of queries.

  1. SLATO’S decision on Scholarship is final. The All Bengal Mock Madhyamik Competitive Exam  is based on Internal parameters of SLATO’S. The applicant and the applicant’s parents agree that SLATO’S shall not be held responsible for any loss/damage, caused to the applicant or the applicant’s parent, due to the usage or placing reliance on SLATO or the SLATO results for any decision being made by the applicant’s parent or the applicant. Applicant and applicant’s parents agree that SLATO’S may use the data submitted by the applicant for its business.

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