The Blooming English Tree – Class 1

Age Range:

6+ years

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1. Dive into the world of English language through the captivating pages of this book.

2. This invaluable resource introduces unique elements like phonics and digraphs which enhance reading skill.

3. Improve and elevate listening, speaking and writing skills through engaging lessons, captivating videos and diverse activities.

Sample Videos

Table of Contents

Phonics Story: Amy has a Cat (A/a)

Phonics Story: Ben has a Pen and a Hen (E/e)

Phonics Story: Tim and the Pig (I/i)

Phonics Story: Bob has a Dog and a Hog (o/o)

Phonics Story: The Weather is Sunny

Digraph – sh

Digraph – ch

Digraph – th

Digraph – Ending Sound ck

Digraph – wh

Digraph – bl

Digraph – gl

Digraph – fl

Digraph – sk

Digraph – gr

Digraph – cr

Digraph – pl

Digraph – sl

Digraph – dr

Digraph – br

Interaction – Classroom Commands

Interaction – Introduction

Interaction – Family

Interaction – Dress

Interaction – Household Items

Interaction – Food

Interaction – Days of the Week

Interaction – Names of places

Grammar – Vowels and consonants

Grammar – Parts of speech

Grammar – Noun

Grammar – Singular and Plural

Grammar – Pronoun

Grammar Describing Words

Grammar Action Words

Grammar – Position Words

Grammar – The Sentence

Grammar – Capitalistion

Comprehension – Too Big Too Small

Comprehension – The Red Raincoat

Comprehension – My Fish! No, My Fish!

Comprehension – My Best Friend

Comprehension – The Race


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