Hello students, How are you all doing in lockdown? Are you worried about your studies specially maths? Are you looking for Online Learning App on maths courses? You know what? when I was in school,

Summer vacations are used to be my favourite time .

After all who doesn’t love going to school and getting scolded right ? :-

I know, as school-goers, we do not understand much about viruses, pandemic. We can feel that. But for now, you all please stay at home, take care of yourselves and stay healthy. 

During my schooldays, it has happened to me many times.

After a long vacation when school reopened,

I  realised that I was the only one who hadn’t studied at all during the entire vacation. All my friends learnt so many new things, completed exercises. I didn’t feel good about this. So I will tell  you not to repeat this mistake. While staying at home, do not stop learning. Keep updating yourself with new things, learn new topics from your SYLLABUS and outside the SYLLABUS too. So that you do not fall behind. Trust me guys, LEARNING new things will always boost your  confidence.

Online Learning app on Maths

To help you in this process, KRISHWORKS has come up with an advanced E – LEARNING PLATFORM –  SLATO app, in association with ” IIM CALCUTTA INNOVATION PARK.” This platform is going to change the way you have been learning till date. They are coming with an ONLINE LEARNING APP on Maths visualizing concepts and topics from your SYLLABUS for instance TRIGONOMETRY, ALGEBRA. They will cover the whole MATHEMATICS SYLLABUS of all boards  for  Classes IX and X. 

I, myself, always found trigonometry difficult to understand in my school days. I am sure many of you feel the same. To erase all the confusions,

the difficulties students face while LEARNING MATHEMATICS,  they are bringing the ONLINE COURSE VIDEOS with great content taught by the best teachers. Wait ! the best part is yet to come.

Everything will be taught in your own language ( BENGALI).

Therefore you will not face any difficulty from the language perspective.

So, what are you waiting for ? Start LEARNING new topics, clear all your doubts through  ONLINE  interactions with the teachers. In addition to that, You can do self assessment through quizzes. After LEARNING one chapter, complete your assignment and submit there only. After that your assignment will get checked by teachers. It will help you  get an idea on how much you have learnt and next time you will try to do better. 
In other words, this Online LEARNING App on Maths will provide an environment where you will find everything similar to school except the scolding. Sounds great? Haha. 
To avail all these you only need to go to PLAYSTORE , or to Download SLATO APP ,CLICK HERE and to know more visit the WEBSITE FOR ONLINE COURSES

To subscribe : Click here

They have kept the SUBSCRIPTION price as the bare minimum for you all. 

Written By Anushree Jana. 

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