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In today’s digital world, we all get to hear about terms like DIGITAL LEARNING, ONLINE EDUCATION, ONLINE LEARNING APP, ADVANCED E-LEARNING PLATFORM on a regular basis. But the question is, are we using these ONLINE LEARNING PLATFORMS effectively to their full potential? It is always said that when we are in need for something, the existence and usage of it hits us more prominently.

In the crisis of Covid -19 lockdown, when the Country has come to a standstill, we can look at it as an opportunity for our children to learn more, as they are having more time in their hands while staying at home.

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A step towards better future of online education

This difficult period is taking a toll on our physical and mental health too. We can feel that as we all have been affected by this in someway or the other. If we sit down to count the negative impacts of this pandemic crisis, it will make us more depressed. We can only stay hopeful by having a positive attitude in this tough time. We need to take care of ourselves and ensure that our children are getting the basic EDUCATION in the right way.

This is the only way we can secure their future by giving them good education. This is how we can pledge to make a better society to live in. During this lockdown when all schools are closed, we are getting an opportunity to make the transition from the offline traditional education system to Online learning for maths courses.

With the hope to bring the BEST EDUCATION to grassroot level, KRISHWORKS has launched an advanced E – LEARNING PLATFORM – SLATO APP, in association with ” IIM CALCUTTA INNOVATION PARK”. They have planned to cover the complete MATHEMATICS SYLLABUS for CLASSES IX and X of all BOARDS. They have come up with the BEST ONLINE CONTENT VIDEOS on topics like TRIGONOMETRY, ALGEBRA, GEOMETRY etc.

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Online learning for maths courses in bengali

Their main aim is to make sure that no child is left behind when it comes to the basic SCHOOL LEVEL EDUCATION even in this lockdown period. For this cause, they are making all their ONLINE TUTORIAL VIDEOS in our own language i.e. BENGALI. On this Online learning for maths courses students will be guided by the BEST EXPERIENCED TEACHERS. Facilities, for instance, ONLINE ASSIGNMENTS SUBMISSION and SELF ASSESSMENT through QUIZZES are also available there. In other words SLATO APP will provide the BEST ONLINE EDUCATION to your child.

For extending their support to a larger section of the society they have kept the SUBSCRIPTION PRICE to a minimum.

They are doing their part to contribute to the society in this difficult time, We can do our part by enrolling our children to such EXCELLENT ONLINE COURSES. Hurry up! and download “slato app” from google playstore, to download click here.

written by Anushree Jana

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