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Hello Dear Students,

Hope you all are doing good and staying safe indoors. This pandemic, is indeed showing us “True shades of Life”. Each day we are waking up with a new challenge, in mind.

With every passing day, we all are learning something new . “COVID-19”, is teaching us the best lessons of our lives. But the spirit should be on. The ray of hope should not get deminished.

Learning something new and gathering knowledge, is a part of our daily lives. Both knowledge and learning, neither has any limitations nor any restrictions.

Students, I’m sure you all must be missing your schools now. Sitting at home, since the last three to four months, is so boring right? Completely zero practical and physical class experience, no face-to-face interaction with friends and teachers.

The everyday morning routine has been completely changed like waking up to the alarm , getting ready for school, having a fun filled day in school with friends has completely come to a STOP now.

During my childhood days, when I used to be a school going student, our teachers used to assign hometasks to us like for examples – doing exercises from various workbooks, solving brain teaser questions, active quizzes and many more.

This scenario used to remain the same in our vacations as well. Trust me students, we used to enjoy solving those questions at home. As because once the school used to re-open, none of us had the intention to lack behind in studies.

Moreover, these homeworks used to keep us active and busy throughout the days. Studies, itself used to be like a fun to us. We as students, completely used to enjoy our studies then.

But in this pandemic situation, the charm of studies is mostly missing in majority students of today’s generation. As per the current situation, all the schools are currently closed down and it is unpredictable by us that exactly when the schools are going to re-open . This pandemic, is becoming worse with days.

Students, as you all are aware of the term “DIGITALIZATION”, this is highly in trends these days. In today’s world of advancement, the traditional segment of filling up workbooks and completing assignments, as been highly replaced by “E-LEARNING” apps and e-books.

Situations, cannot be taken for granted. As we know, LIFE, is full of ups and downs. In order, to find a ray of hope, we have to overcome certain obstructions. However, critical and tough, the situation becomes, but life has to move on. The journey towards success must be continued.

With the exposure of “COVID-19”, the scenario of our lifestyle has got changed majorly. Like everyday going to schools, colleges and offices has been replaced by the technical trend of working from home, which is commonly known as “Work from home”.

More or less, every country is switching to “DIGITALIZATION” , and adapting themselves accordingly.

“STUDIES FROM HOME”, is a innovative concept, brought by “SLATO APP”(Best online learning app). Those students, who are presently in class “9 and 10” , and also have their base in “BENGALI”.

Students, should not feel hopeless and loose their confidence in this critical situation. Whatever, be the scenario, students should not lack behind in studies. Zero compromise should be done with studies.

“MATHS”, is like a nightmare to majority of the students. It’s more like a fear to students than a subject. Therefore, students avoid practising maths and further fail to understand the concept of it. As majority of the students, lack their interests in maths. Therefore, unique and interesting methods should be figured out in order to make the subject interesting.

Specifically, students who are in class 9 and 10, are facing major problems in understanding the concept as well as the logic hidden in the formulas of maths. Important chapters of maths, for the students of class 9 and 10, are – “TRIGONOMETRY” , “ALGORITHM” , “INDEX” and few more.

Students, having their base in Bengali, or reading in Bengali medium schools, cannot be left behind
.Their education should also be kept in mind and treated with concern. Most of the “E-learning” Platforms or mobile apps, conducts the teaching, in English language.

This indeed becomes a serious problem, for the students to understand and also to interpret the meaning.

The explanation in English, is not enough for them to understand the core concept of a difficult subject like Maths. Therefore, a translation in their mother tongue language which is Bengali, will enable them to penetrate through the roots of the subject and to understand the gist of the subject.

Keeping in mind, the problems faced by such students. “KRISHWORKS”, in association with “IIM CALCUTTA INNOVATION PARKS STARTUP”, has invented “SLATO APP“(Best online learning app). which is an unique introduction to the world of “E-LEARNING”.

This platform, will facilitate learning subject like “MATHS”, in the simplest way possible that too in Bengali.

Therefore, hurry up and download “SLATO APP”, right now from Google Play Store, to download click here.

This app has already launched on “12th JULY”. Trust me students, you cannot get a better opportunity than this. It is moreover like a golden opportunity to be grabbed by the students.


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