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Hello Dear Students,

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe indoors. We all are aware of the fact that, “HISTORY”, repeats itself. It has been proved with the introduction of the pandemic these days, commonly known as “COVID-19” or “Coronavirus”. It has already created it’s record in the pages of history. Probably, our next generation will be asked to brief about how much they are aware of “COVID-19”. It’s highly pathetic.
But yes “Life”, has to move on. Whatever be the scenario, the show must go on. With this positivity in our minds we are each day waking up with a new ray of hope.

Among all the odds, specifically the Educational System, of our country has been highly impacted. The youths, the upcoming talents and the rising stars, have been strongly affected by this pandemic, as because their educational routine has been disturbed and breaked.

Students, are usually habituated and addicted, to the most common, familiar and traditional way of teaching, i.e. Offline mode of teaching by visiting schools on a regular basis. Schools, are being closed down since the last three (3) months. But that doesn’t means, education will be stopped by any means. Every students life is associated with his or her career and aims.

In this situation, offline mode of teaching has been replaced by “Online classes”, or “E-learning”. There are ample of mobile apps, YouTube videos & websites promoting online teaching. But that is only helpful to a particular amount of students those who study in “English” medium schools & they have a strong base in “English language”. But that’s not fair enough and justified to those students who belong to some remote and rural areas. The students who have a Bengali base and read in Bengali medium schools, we simply cannot neglect them and avoid thinking of their progress in the fields of education.

“ONLINE LEARNING”, has been primarily based on and carried throughout in “English language” , which is not easy for the students belonging to a Bengali medium school, to understand, to learn from those online sessions and ultimately they fail to reach to the gist of the chapters being taught.

There has been various issues like Рscarcity of sufficient resources, poor network area, good connectivity of Internet & lack of awareness of technological advancements….all these have acted as a major barrier and obstruction in the fields of education, specially for those students who are less privileged, belong to some remote rural areas and are a part of Bengali medium schools.

**A more tangible plan with concrete steps are required to significantly upgrade India’s Educational System. An unique innovation to the world of “E-LEARNING “, is none other than “SLATO APP”, it’s a magical concept, brought to you by “Krishworks”.
SLATO APP (best online learning app), is a fully customisable app for schools, teachers, coaching and training centres for online education, it acts as an administrative tool for variety of purposes like:-

“Engaging Contents” – English, Science & Maths videos for all classes. But main focus is on class 9 & 10, as they will be no sooner appearing for the board exams,”Interactive Quizzes”,”Interactive Lessons”,”Class in an app”. (Scheduled online classes as per regular timetable).Submit and evaluate homework and assessments online. Accessable at a reasonable subscription rate, the payment can be done through online mode itself.

“SLATO APP”, is a knowledge sharing, “multifunction platform”. It is a best online learning app for students and trainees. As of now, the primary focus of the “SLATO APP”, is to promote maths in Bengali language, for the students of Class 9 and 10. It’s an unique concept.
MATHS, has been like a nightmare to majority of the students. But from “12th JULY” , onwards the scenario is going to change. “Learning maths” in bengali cannot be better than slato and will be more easier and convenient, for the students who study in Bengali medium schools.

The mode of teaching will be completely conducted in “Bengali Language”, which is the mother tongue of majority of the students belonging to West Bengal. Students, having a Bengali base cannot be left behind in the fields of education. Most of the online learning apps or YouTube sessions are being conducted particularly in English language, which is a serious problem for the students belonging to Bengali medium schools. Students of class 9 and 10, will be highly benefited through this app. The primary focus of the “SLATO APP”, is to spread education in our mother tongue language that is “Bengali”, which is getting suppressed by the official languages like – English and Hindi. Initially, “SLATO APP”, will be launched with maths for class 9 and 10. Later on, other subjects will be added subsequently.

So, dear students stay tuned as “SLATO APP“, is going to be officially launched on “12th JULY”, 2020. Hurry up and download the SLATO APP, in your devices through Google Play Store, to download click here. It’s easily accessible & affordable. Learning, will indeed become fun & full of knowledge.

Name of the Author – ANKITA SAHA.

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