Zero compromise in learning “MATHS” with “SLATO APP”:-

Zero compromise in learning “MATHS” with “SLATO APP”:-

(Best e-learning platform for all subjects)

Hello Audience,

Hope you all are doing good and staying safe indoors. Being the parents of an uprising star, you are surely quite worried about the ongoing studies of your child’s education. Schools, are completely closed now. But education cannot get stopped, it has to be continued at any circumstances. Students, of class 9 and 10, are facing problems in understanding Maths. As this subject seems to be a fear factor for majority of the students. Moreover, majority of the apps facilitates education through English language, which indeed becomes a problem for the Bengali medium students, to understand. In order to overcome this obstacle and the fear of the students, a new innovative concept has been launched in the world of “DIGITAL LEARNING”, through an unique app named “SLATO APP”.

Due to this pandemic, as a result schools, are being closed now, since the last “3-4” months. In such an odd situation, studies are being completely conducted through the platforms of “DIGITAL LEARNING”. Schools and classes, have been replaced by best “E-LEARNING” platform, for all subjects. Ups and downs are a part of life but at any cost life has to move on. In such a tough time, students should not compromise with their studies and lack behind. At any cost, studies should be continued right from homes. Similarly like “Work from Home”. Students, must habituate themselves with the new trend of “Studies from home”.

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Majority, of the students of “WEST BENGAL”, have their mother tongue in Bengali. There are ample of students, who are having a Bengali base and read in bengali medium schools. Therefore, learning tough subjects like “MATHS”, that too in English, will become a genuine problem for them. Neither the students , will be able to understand the concept, nor they will be able to penetrate into the depth of the subject. A proper transparency should be maintained in between the students, and the medium through which the studies is being conducted. This will ultimately result into a proper one-to-one connection between the students and the platform of online classes. There will be zero communication gap between the duo.

Majority of the Online Learning apps, or the “E-LEARNING” platforms, facilitates the study or conducts the teaching in “English language”, which creates difficulties for students to understand who have their base in Bengali.

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In other hand, keeping in mind, about the comfort zone of particularly those students, “KRISHWORKS” in association with “IIM CALCUTTA INNOVATION PARKS STARTUP”, has taken an unique initiative and has launched an innovative “E-LEARNING APP”, named as “SLATO APP”.

“SLATO APP”, has been officially launched on “12th JULY”. This app is way far unique and is an innovative concept adapted by “KRISHWORKS” with the tie up and collaboration of “IIM CALCUTTA INNOVATION PARKS STARTUP”.

“SLATO APP”, facilitates learning in an complete online mode. Important subjects and entire syllabus of MATHS and SCIENCE, of class 9 and 10, will be covered by this “SLATO APP”. Students, having their base in Bengali, or reading in Bengali medium schools, will not face any further problems learning “MATHS”, that too in their own mother tongue language that is – “BENGALI”.

“SLATO APP”, is an innovative in the world of “E-LEARNING”. Students, don’t miss this golden opportunity. “SLATO APP”, is easily accessible, convenient to use and also affordable as because the annual subscription comes under “Rs. 399” for one whole year and even this amount is inclusive of “GST”.

To add, In the initial stage, for the first one week, students will be getting free subscription and free access to the “SLATO APP“.

They will be able to use the app and study from the app, in absolutely free of cost. No charge will be added for the first one week.

Hurry up students!download “SLATO APP”, from Google Play Store and to download click here.

I’m sure enough, from now onwards learning “MATHS”, will indeed turn interesting and full of knowledge, with clear mathematical concepts. This will be possible only through “SLATO APP”.


*Name of the author – ANKITA SAHA.

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