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Hello Students,

Hope you all are doing good and staying safe indoors,studies must be getting affected in this pandemic(Best digital learning platform). But no more worries now.

Learning difficult subjects like “MATHS and SCIENCE” , is going to be full of fun, interesting and ofcourse knowledgeable. As schools are closed now, students are continuing their classes in online mode.

But there is still some problem left behind. Students, having their base in Bengali, are getting highly affected.

The majority of the online learning apps and videos, are conducted in English language. Which further creates problem for the students of Bengali medium to understand the content and interpret the meaning of the lesson.

Therefore, a more convenient and easy platform should be presented for these students to learn and continue their education(Best digital learning platform).

“A more tangible plan with concrete steps are required to significantly upgrade India’s Educational System”. Now students, you must be eagerly waiting with patience, to know about that magical app. It is none other than “SLATO APP”.

It is itself an unique innovation in the world of “E-LEARNING”.

Till date, we have more or less come across, many educational apps & sites which supports online classes. But it’s a BREAK here, just pause for a while because you won’t believe your eyes & ears to witness this innovative app with all the unique features in it.

The language “BENGALI”, is getting suppressed with time & advancement. We people fail to realise the realities of today’s Educational System
. Which also consist of many rural schools & those students are under previledged enough to come across English language, because they hardly know about the language.

So, here is an introduction to “SLATO APP”, which promotes online learning, in a complete bengali medium. Subjects like maths & science, that too of clases like 9 & 10, will be entirely based on Bengali language. So, that student’s who are studying in bengali medium schools, can easily access this app & get themselves benefited at a very reasonable amount.

It is a student friendly app, where learning will be full of fun & knowledge, with the touch of animated videos, interactive quizzes, assignments, projects & many more on the way to come. Isn’t it sounding absolutely fun? Learning cannot be better than this.

“SLATO APP”, has come up with so uniqueness, wherein subjects like MATHS and SCIENCE, will be entirely taught in Bengali. So, that it becomes easier for the students to draw a gist of all the chapters.

“SLATO APP”, is an innovative idea and is an initiative taken by “KRISHWORKS”, in association with “IIM CALCUTTA INNOVATION PARK START UP”.

Students, just do not let go off these golden opportunity from your ends. This “SLATO APP”, is going to be launched on “12th JULY”, 2020. Trust me students, you cannot get any better opportunity than this. Through the intervention of “SLATO APP“, students can build your career smoothly, without any obstruction in the path of your education.

Download the SLATO APP now from “Google Play Store” to download click here, and grab this golden opportunity of learning “MATHS in BENGALI” .

Name of the author – ANKITA SAHA.

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